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The staff at Movement Solutions are all active individuals and apply their real-world experiences to your situation. It is not always advisable or desirable to simply stop what you are doing due to your injury. Your physiotherapist can work with you to provide alternatives and modifications to your exercise regime. If you wish to improve or further challenge yourself we are happy to provide additional or complimentary exercise to further your goals, enhance your fitness, or simply increase your enjoyment of your sport!

The benefits of exercise prescription are far reaching and appropriate to many population groups, from children to the elderly and from cancer patients to the recreational or high-level athlete. We can provide customized exercise programs via email from our web-based software, which would include videos and descriptions specific to your training program.

Sample Exercise Programs

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  1. Ankle Program
  2. Back Program
  3. Knee Program

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Luke Binnington
April 02, 2018
Many clients arrive at our clinic with the common complaint of shoulder pain. They often describe intense pain that restricts their workouts, radiates down their arm, affects ...
Luke Binnington
October 08, 2015
A recent trend I have observed in my practice is that I am treating more and more rock climbers. Just in the last year, I have worked with climbers with various shoulder injur...
Sue Staresinic
June 25, 2015
If you follow nutrition and diet trends you may have heard of  the Paleo Diet or the Caveman Diet.  To summarize, it consists of eating the same foods early humans w...
Luke Binnington
March 10, 2015
Last summer, I recall perusing through the CBC’s online headlines as I do most days and one caught my eye. Most often its sports, weather or some sensational news story that I...

At Movement Solutions, Our Experienced Staff of Physiotherapists have Advanced Training in Manual and Manipulative Therapy.


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