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How to Improve your Fitness Level through Group Exercise


Have you considered trying a group exercise class?

It can be a great way to explore new ways of exercising, add variety to your existing program, and reap the benefits of exercising in a social environment!

And luckily for us, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you prefer to lift weights, dance, cycle, be in the pool, or on a yoga mat – the choices are endless!

The Benefits of Group Exercise

If you're curious about trying something new or aren't getting enough out of exercising on your own, consider some of the benefits of group exercise:

1. Figuring out a good workout routine can tricky for most people. A well-structured class will include all of the key components (warm-up, workout, cool-down, and stretching).

2. You'll always have someone to exercise with.

3. It doesn't have to be indoors. There are great outdoor options to choose from!

4. If it isn't free, most organizations will offer a free trial period. You can try different classes and choose the one that is right for you before making a commitment.

Steps to Successful Group Exercise: The Do's and Don'ts


5. Make it a routine - Your body and muscles need time to adapt to new challenges. Don't give up on a class because it seems too difficult at the start – stay consistent and you will see results!

6. Talk to your instructor about exercise modifications to accommodate for any aches and pains or health conditions. - If you have concerns, consult a health care provider to be cleared for exercise but don't let a health condition or diagnosis scare you off from exercising.

7. Focus on your form and ask for help or advice from the instructor if you're ever unsure. - Remember, you're not doing it alone and the instructor is there to help you! Take advantage of their experience and knowledge.


1. Feel pressured to use heavy weights. - It's common to feel like you're not doing enough because you're using lighter weights than the person next to you. It's better to respect where you are today and progress from there, than to push and possibly injury yourself by trying to compete with your neighbor.

2. Suffer through pain during exercise. - Pain is not gain. This is a good sign that your form may be off and could lead to problems if it isn't corrected.

3. Underestimate the importance of each component of a class. - Strive to arrive on time for the warm-up and to stay for the cool-down.

4. Be discouraged if you come back from a mini-break and don't feel as strong as you did before you left. - Maybe you went away for 2 weeks and spent more time on the beach than you did lifting dumbbells. If your usual set now feels too heavy, take some time to build back up. The most important thing is that you're back at it!

This month, I enlisted some friends and tried a goat yoga class. Spending time on my mat on a warm, sunny day and cuddling with baby goat Gabby definitely made for the most relaxing afternoon of the month!

Let us know which great classes you discover in the community this summer! 

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